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Since its establishment in 2011, Beijing Xuande Advertising Design Co., Ltd. has been based on a professional service spirit, through professional design, efficient project creativity and planning, and a complete customer service management mechanism to provide enterprises with effective high-end exhibition and display solutions. Exhibition hall design, large-scale event management, brand management and other services. Based on a deep understanding of the background of Chinese exhibitions and conferences, with keen insight, excellent strategic capabilities, excellent execution capabilities, and a good quality management team, we provide companies with designs that are most suitable for the Chinese market environment and corporate development Building services, established a professional and effective reputation and unparalleled influence in the industry, and established long-term cooperative relationships with many Fortune 500 companies.

It has won great success in exhibition communication and brand promotion for customers. Here, we are fact-oriented, emphasizing respect and tolerance, listening to everyone’s opinions, making continuous innovation a way of life for everyone, and making self-improvement a habit of thinking for everyone, because we know that for customers, There is only better, no best.

XD has a professional factory of 6000 square meters, and has an independent paint room, and has formed an alliance with many brother factories across the country, and can rely on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu to provide better services.


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